Acceptance policy

Acceptance policyHow do I qualify to use PaySpace's services?

PaySpace has established strategic relationships with numerous major acquiring banks in the European Union (EU). Therefore, PaySpace can provide assistance in the application for an Internet Merchant Account, as well as providing payment processing services to any merchant, who is legitimately presented in the EU.

Do you accept Merchants, whose business is of a «high-risk» nature?

Yes, we work with such businesses, but concerning the type of business you run, we may request from you the proof of a valid license to operate. Please, contact us directly if you want to know what information we may require from you.

My chargeback ratio is high. Can I still use your services?

If you are not engaged in fraudulent activity, which can be easily detected by us, we can work with Clients with high chargeback ratio. Our powerful anti fraud techniques will help you to lower your chargeback ratio. There are also a number of other solutions for merchants whose businesses have a high risk nature, which can lessen your chargeback ratio.