Application procedure

How do I qualify to use PaySpace's services?

Application procedurePaySpace has established strategic relationships with numerous major acquiring banks in the European Union (EU). Therefore, PaySpace can provide assistance in the application for an Internet Merchant Account, as well as providing payment processing services to any merchant, who is legitimately presented in the EU.

What is the procedure followed by PaySpace after I sign up?

After you sign up online, our professionals will review your application. Concerning this review we will inform you whether your application was declined or pre-approved. If we deem it necessary you will be informed to make some modifications to your website or clarify some issues concerning your type of business.

If your application is pre-approved, you will be sent an e-mail from PaySpace clarifyingIf your application is pre-approved, you will be sent an e-mail from PaySpace clarifying the rates of fees for your particular type of business, and the explanation which documents you will need to send to PaySpace. After we receive the required documents and the application form we will send the contract between PaySpace and the merchant. Once the PaySpace receives the contract, we begin the application process and send the acquiring bank all the documentation we have. After the bank approves the application a contract between the merchant and the bank will be sent and if accepted you'll be provided PaySpace processing implementation procedure.

My company is not incorporated in the EU region, can I still use your services?

No, unfortunately we can only process Merchants, who are incorporated in the EU region. But for those companies not incorporated in the European Union, we can provide assistance in obtaining EU registrations.