Market solutions

transaction increase and lead to income growthPaySpace is a developer of innovative solutions designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our innovative tailor-made solutions will make your potential number of transaction increase and lead to income growth.

Experience accumulated over many years of cooperation with many customers, a thorough market research and knowledge of all its features, multiplied by the individual approach to each client and a high professionalism allow us to confidently face the future and to assure our customers of the need to cooperate with the PaySpace.

Among a wide range of professional and flexible solutions offered by PaySpace are:

Market solutions
  • Multi-Acquiring platform: in this way we are able to negotiate the best conditions for the merchants and if necessary We are able to load the balance merchant's transaction volume.
  • E-invoicing and payment: a pre-configured e-mail based collection invoice will allow your customers to pay by credit card just clicking on a link. They will be directed to the payment gateway, without having to shop for a specific item on your website
  • Virtual terminal: this allows you to manually process credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection in the world. You simply login to a secure website with a password and you are able to charge cards and perform authorizations.
  • Recurring billing: This Service will charge the credit or debit card of a customer automatically and lets your business get paid automatically on a regular basis. And some others.