Merchant account fees

Technical service provider PaySpace offers services to create optimal financial instrument in the field of e-commerce. After analyzing your business our experts will be able to help you find acceptable country of registration of the legal entity. We also help you select the bank and implement assistance at the conclusion of the contract for connection merchant account.

PaySpace offers merchant account no monthly fee. Technical service provider PaySpace offers connection with direct merchant account through a bank, as well as the merchant's connection through a company - aggregating agent (intermediary).

Merchant account fees

Merchant account fee is depend from different requirements and conditions and our company offers no monthly fee merchant account. Kinds of fees for merchant accounts can be different and depend from each type banking operations as transaction, refund, chargeback, etc. For more information please contact the specialists of PaySpace.

With a large number of companies who offers merchant accounts, can be hard to choose which of them will help you to save money and time. Without doubt Payspace's team will do everything for your successful business.

When you starting a new business one of the most important components is financial planning. The entrepreneur must accurately assess the costs of setting up a business, its fiscal capacity and profitability.

Merchant account - a special bank account of the organization, which allowed enrollment of funds debited from other accounts without 100% customer's identification with only payment card information.

In consequence of impossibility customer's identification credit card transactions associated with a significant risk. So incoming payments are paid by account holders - companies traders or merchants. To minimize the risks for merchants advisable to check such payments in a variety of filters (Fraud-filters) for fraud. Such services are provided third-party organizations and paid for separately.

If you need help opening an offshore merchant account or any other foreign bank, you can contact our specialists.