Merchant services for nutra sales

1. Why are Nutraceuticals considered high risk

The market for healthier foods, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, "green" household products and the like has dramatically increased over the past few years. In fact, this has developed into a multi-billion dollar business. These are products that help people feel better using natural means.

Millions of people around the world notice that Nutraceuticals definitely help to:

  • lose weight;
  • skin care;
  • boost energy;
  • help with workouts;
  • manage stress;
  • manage blood sugar balance.

However, it is important to note that the Nutraceuticals are not drugs and can not serve as a means for treating various diseases. The reception of such dietary supplements can be dangerous for several reasons. In some cases, supplements can be harmful to your health, because there are many fake products. That means you can buy not the product obtained as a result of the laborious process of extraction of nutrients from food, it can be ordinary chalk, vitamin C or something else that can be much more dangerous. Also do not forget that Nutraceuticals are very expensive. Often, we can see that the qualitative or well known product have the higher value. Also people сan fall into psychological dependency - they take Nutraceutical in large numbers, which can also be riskily to health.

Also, Nutraceuticals may contain coloring agents, flavoring agents, preservatives, and other chemicals. It can cause allergic reactions and have destructive effects on the kidneys and liver.

People selling Nutraceutical know that it is a high risk prohibited business type for several reasons. One of them is that e-commerce sites that sell these products usually get a higher number of chargebacks than the average business. But we can help you!

2. Сredit card merchant processing for the nutraceutical industry

If you are involved in nutra sales, then you no doubt know that it can be fairly difficult to obtain a nutraceutical merchant account. Nutritional supplements and some other businesses have been inhibited by an absence of solid merchant account support. So some companies can’t open an account anywhere. And inability to accept payment by credit card is very harmful to business success. PaySpace can help you to start Nutraceutical merchant account and process it all the time of our cooperation. Dealing with us you can get domestic and offshore credit card merchant account.

We are experienced with Nutra health supplement merchants and know what it takes to get accounts approved.

We provide key benefits to our nutraceutical merchant account clients, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Profits. We help you to increase your turnovers and grow your profits with our reliable solution.
  • Gateway. We offer you a choice either to integrate to our gateway, or to use any other popular gateway at your choice.
  • MOTO transactions. We provide Virtual Terminal for Mail, Phone and Fax Transactions.
  • International / Offshore. We offer international and offshore solutions for the best credit card processing services.
  • Chargeback Intercept Data. We offer a successful chargeback reduction program to help your business cut chargebacks significantly.
  • Recurring Payments. We will take care of billing your customer according to the chosen plan.
  • Dedicated and Aggregated MIDS. We provide both dedicated and aggregated Merchant Accounts at your choice in order to meet your needs.

3. Nutraceutical Credit Card Processing Account Approval and Setup

So you decided to deal with PaySpace and use Nutraceutical payment processing with us! You just have to fill the form, print, sign and fax us your supporting documentation, and in 72 hours you can use your merchant account in our payment system.

4. Advantages of using PaySpace

You can choose any system, but decided to use PaySpace you will receive several benefits, because we are doing everything for the convenience of your business. Working with PaySpace you get:

  • 24/7 technical support
  • fast set-up approval during 24 hours (depends on Acquiring bank)
  • no hidden fees in the terms of our Nutra Merchant Account solutions
  • instant integration with website
  • affordable data processing rates

5. Accept all cards

PaySpace payment system works with all credit cards and our clients can deal with people and companies all over the world to make their business grow up.

6. No volume limits

Using our payment system there are no restrictions in the number of business deals, financial transactions and products sold.

7. Competitive pricing

Dealing with PaySpace payment system you can be sure that we have good or even best prices - statement fee can be $10 per month or even less. In addition, all the conditions of our cooperation are discussed for the maximum benefit of our clients.