Payment trends and innovations on Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2013

Mon, 25 Mar 2013

The representatives of PaySpace participated in 8th annual conference Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2013 that took place in Berlin, on 12-14 February, 2013. Merchant Payments Ecosystem is a premier European conference where merchants meet financial and non-financial payments acceptance providers. MPE as a wider umbrella is based on 4 strategic topical pillars: Card Acquiring and Rich Merchant Services; E-commerce Payments Acceptance; Mobile Payments Acceptance; Interaction Beyond Payments. Due to the reports of more than 70 speakers, panel discussions and over 30 networking hours, there were identified new trends and challenges for the merchant payments in 2013.

Among the most interesting attendees were: SafetyPay, iZettle, Yapital, ING, CreditCall, YandexMoney, Realex Payments, IKEA, Verifone, Raiffeisen, European Commission, SumUp, Visa Europe, Monitise, PayU, American Express, Ogone, Skrill, BPC group etc. During the presentations, discussions and reports such topics were considered: card acquiring, mPOS, SEPA migration, e-commerce, PSP, payments security, payments innovations and so on.

For example, the representatives of Realex Payments admitted that the payments landscape continues to change at a rapid pace. Every day sees new entrants to the market and advances in technology are creating new payment models. Coupled with this, the demands of the customers are increasing, leading to innovations and new solutions in a shorter timescale.

One of the most important topics nowadays is mobile impact in payments ecosystem. Gerry Wagner from Discover Financial Services underlined that mobility and smartphones are changing the way consumers interact with merchants. Commerce is undergoing a massive transformation in a battle for digital consumers. To reflect these changes, payment solution providers are introducing a new generation of services to improve interaction with consumers, loyalty and drive sales. This penetration combines payments, commerce and communication.

The reps of PaySpaceMagazine interviewed the representatives of MEPSpay, SafetyPay, Borgun, Raiffeisen and others. They emphasized the innovations in bank sector, mobile payments and global payments. Izdehar Safarini Hussein, the representative of MEPS, admitted: "Among the innovations that influence the global payments are mobile penetration, mobile payments and mPOS technologies, first of all. And secondly, virtual payments. I am sure that there will be no physical cards in nearest future. Only virtual cards and virtual e-wallets. However the banking sector is rather traditional. So, I think e-wallet has to be independent from banks and independent from mobile operators, so it could be accepted by anyone and anywhere."

According to Diedrik Bruggink, the representative of SafetyPay: "From the very beginning we were concentrating on credit card processing. But I think the future is for alternative payments. They are cheap and safe. You know, in countries like Netherlands or Germany 90% of people have bank accounts, so direct debit becomes more and more popular. People use internet-banking."

So, we see that Merchant Payments Ecosystem became one of the most important events in Europe in financial and non-financial payments branches, where the representatives of key market players have identified new trends and challenges for the merchant payments in 2013.