Multi currency processing

Multi currency processingProcessing Currencies are the currencies in which you can accept sales. To be able to accept different currencies is very important for owners of online dating sites as it attracts customers from many countries. We can offer for dating merchants a complete multi-currency processing. Using our solutions the cardholder's credit/debit card will be charged in it's native currency. You can select multiple different processing currencies combinations. PaySpace lets dating merchants provide their international customers the possibility to pay in the their own currency.

Multi currency settlementMulti currency settlement

Settlement Currencies are the currencies in which you can receive payouts. We support a wide range of national currencies for your convenience in receiving the income you've earned. With our solutions you shouldn't worry about either the payments from customers all over the world or your own profit, because you'll find both currency interchangable schemes applicable.

Payments-to-anywhere (offshore merchant solutions)

Payments-to-anywhereWe specialize in providing offshore merchant account and third party merchant account payment solutions to international businesses. Especially it suits for online dating as businesses of such kind are treated high-risk and many financial institutions find it risky to deal with. Our offshore merchant solutions eliminate risks connected with setting up dating merchant account.

Merchant's look at conversion ratioMerchant's look at conversion ratio

Constantly searching new and advantageous solutions for merchants, being in inseparable contact with parties interested in processing solutions, our company always chooses purposefully merchant's side in matters related to the conversion rate as our clients are the treasure we possess and value and it's clear that our wealth is mutually dependable. We are setting your rates as determined by dating business.


CascadingThe technology of cascading gives undoubtful advantages as it helps to process the transactions through different MIDs. If for some reason your transaction was blocked on one MID, there is a way to process it through another one.

Multi merchant account solutions Multi merchant account solutions

The solutions of such kind presuppose opening a few accounts for one merchant. Multi merchant account solutions are applicable for dating businesses who suffer from chargeback excess. Creating a multi merchant account serves as one of the most efficient ways for reducing and variation of chargeback level.

Recurring payments

Recurring paymentsRecurring payments are an option that allows your customers to make payments to you automatically regularly. This is the case when the customers do not have to worry about remembering to make their payment each time, it is made on the regular basis and save valuable time.

Because of the nature of dating business our company is able to offer the recurring model for processing the transactions. With this technology your customers can buy automatically recurring subscriptions from your website.

Recurring-without-initial transactionsRecurring-without-initial transactions

This option is undoubtfully useful for recurring model of business in cases when for some reason the customers' data shoud be transfered to other account without the necessity to request data detailes again. Once the initial transaction is carried out, your customers receive your services permanently without being disturbed and you shouldn't worry about upcoming recurring transactions.

Antifraud suits (Ethoca, MaxMind)

Antifraud suits (Ethoca, MaxMind)Ethoca and MaxMind are two of the most reliable world anti-fraud systems with the main idea of safely sharing transaction data. Both fraud-protection systems guarantee data privacy and encrypt all the sensitive data. Working on the online market with major IPSPs and financial institutions for many years they prooved their professionalism and consistency in the protection of data.

Chargebacks monitoring

Chargebacks monitoringChargebacks are very concerning issue in today's e-commerce marketplace for any business including dating. The less you have them, the safier you remain in terms of receiving different types of penalties. That's why it is very important for every online business to be able to monitor the quantity of chargeback as a crucial measure for preventing money loss and more severe issue - business collapse. We provide efficient and easy-to-use tools for monitoring the chargeback exceeding rates.Your customers receive your services permanently without being disturbed

Chargebacks handling

Chargebacks handlingWorking in the e-commerce sphere for so many years we have developed multiple solution to deal with chargebacks, as we clearly understand the importance of the sense of security for our clients. Handling the chargebacks helps not only save client's money, but what is more important prevent any business from shutting down.

Chargeback\fraud forecastingChargeback\fraud forecasting

One of the most efficient and successful ways of reducing chargeback/fraud level is forecasting. Our team of professionals have created the sophisticated and sensitive system to forecast the future would-be chargebacks and fraud in order for the merchant to take preventive measures in terms of reducing any excess.

Fraud alerts (from issuers)

Fraud alerts (from issuers)We also possess the technology to deal with fraud alerts which may appear as a result of the lack of an effective communication and collaboration between card issuer and merchant. We strive to resolve all the issues coming from such alerts, which may influense negatively on our clients' businesses.

Non-card and alternative payment methods

Non-card and alternative payment methods Together with credit card processing PaySpace offer a wide range of non-card payment methods. Like well-known major processors (iDEAL in The Netherlands, Heidelpay in Germany) we are able to process transactions by means of online banking and other different alternative methods. To get more info about PaySpace payment methods, please, contact us at ...