API (Documentation)

Version 3.4.1


1. Introduction

This document describes integration procedures and POST protocol usage for ecommerce merchants. POST protocol implements acquiring payments (purchases) using specific API interaction.

2. Integration process

2.1 Brief description of the interaction with Payment Platform

For the transaction, you must send the server to server HTTPS POST request with fields listed below to Payment Platform URL (PAYMENT_URL). In response Payment Platform will return the JSON (http://json.org/) encoded string.

3. Card transactions requests

3.1 CAPTURE request

CAPTURE request is used to submit previously authorized transaction (created by AUTH request). Hold funds will be transferred to Merchants account. This request is sent by POST in the background (eg, through PHP CURL).

4. RECURRING card transactions requests

4.1 Client registration

Before you get an account to access Payment Platform, you must provide the following data to the Payment Platform administrator.

action SALE
async N
client_key ZPR2ZH2J2U
order_id ORDER-12345
order_amount 1.99
order_currency USD
order_description Product
card_number 4111111111111111
card_exp_month 01
card_exp_year 2020
card_cvv2 000
payer_first_name John
payer_last_name Doe
payer_address Big street
payer_country US
payer_state CA
payer_city City
payer_zip 123456
payer_email [email protected]
payer_phone 199999999
term_url_3ds 1 http://client.site.com/return.php
recurring_init Y
hash 02cdb60b5c923e06c1b1d71da94b2a39

Status – actual status of transaction in Payment Platform. Possible statuses are

Status Description
3DS The transaction awaits 3D-Secure validation
PENDING The transaction awaits CAPTURE
SETTLED Successful transaction
REVERSAL Transaction for which reversal was made
REFUND Transaction for which refund was made
CHARGEBACK Transaction for which chargeback was made
SECOND_PRESENTMENT Transaction for which second presentment was made
SECOND_CHARGEBACK Transaction for which second chargeback was made
ARBITRATION Transaction for which Arbitration was made
ARBITRATION_REVERSAL Transaction for which Arbitration reversal was made
ARBITRATION_WON Transaction for which Arbitration was won
ARBITRATION_LOST Transaction for which Arbitration was lost
DECLINED Not successful transaction