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Our team offers state-of-the-art technologies to help you grow your business, strengthen customers’ trust and increase revenue. Equipped with knowledge and experience, we guarantee that you will greatly benefit from collaboration with our company.


Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

PaySpace full-scale fraud and chargeback prevention tools enable online merchants to identify and prevent fraudulent activities across payments.


Advanced anti-fraud solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business

Unique system to predict and decrease chargebacks and fraudulent activities

Using third-party services and signals for more precise results across the system

Professional case-to-case dispute management

Payment methods

We are offering a wide range of payment methods, specifically geared towards high-risk verticals.

All major credit card brands worldwide

A great number of alternative payment methods

Global payment processing and automated billing solutions

Flexible pricing starting at 1.2%

Credit card processing

Tired of constantly increasing chargeback rates, lengthy onboarding processes, and problems with settlements?
Then PaySpace is the perfect solution for you!

We are a reliable Payment Service Provider that offers state-of-the-art technologies to make the payment experience on your site frictionless and, consequently, grow your customers’ user experience trust and increase your turnover and margin. We process credit card transactions in more than 150 countries in 80+ currencies. Thanks to our smart payment routing system, we ensure fast payouts to your clients.

Merchants will get a direct MID and Unique Billing Descriptor, which together with our built-in chargeback and fraud prevention software, will protect the merchant and substantially reduce potential chargeback and fraud risks.


PaySpace is a reliable Payment Service Provider fully compliant with PCI DSS level 1 certification


We assist merchants to become compliant with this Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard


We offer both 3D and non-3D-secure transactions processing aiming to meet the needs of your business


Company & account registration

PaySpace can help your company with the registration and account opening processes.

No matter whether you are qualified as a high or a low-risk merchant, with our years of experience in this area, we can tackle this task in no time.

As soon as you contact our highly-qualified team, they will get down to business. We can help you register your venture and open a merchant account to process credit card payments within the shortest terms.

So, hesitate no more and let us assist you with these tasks!


Alternative payment methods


Having a wide variety of alternative payment methods is your chance to reach out to a greater number of potential clients. With this in mind, PaySpace offers you a variety of alternative payment methods.

Everything you need to know about high-risk merchant services

The nature of business determines whether a merchant is a high or low risk. Most
merchant providers
restrict or deny high-risk merchants based on this alone.

Everything you need to know about high-risk merchant services

Most merchants are considered low risk while others high risk. A low-risk merchant has high chances of approval for a merchant account.
As for the high-risk ones, they face several challenges before they open their account.
Either way, the two groups of merchants can open an account.

Every business should accept credit cards for purchases or payments. Failure to do so can make your business lose lots of clients and revenue. That being said, every high-risk merchant should have a merchant account and accept credit cards.

How to select a high-risk merchant services provider

When selecting a high-risk merchant provider, ensure you go through every documentation and application provided. Not only going through but understanding each detail as well. These details entail miscellaneous charges, fees, taxes, notes, and fine prints.

Likewise, understand the reserves connected to the said account. If you have questions, feel free to raise them and ensure you get answers. Notable, each merchant service provides has unique charges and fees for each business. Therefore, you should ascertain that the provider classifies you rightly, as you are supposed to be. In addition, spare some time to view each facet of opening a high-risk merchant account. Just keep in mind that this type of account will take longer than a normal account. But the benefit of a merchant account is worth the wait. Online high-risk merchant services.

Most people fear using their credit accounts online. This is because there is no physical presentation of the credit card. Combining online scams with risk elements make e-commerce venture a high-risk business. This warrants businesses high transaction charges and fees. However, using credit cards on the internet is more convenient than electronic transfers or PayPal.

If your business doesn’t accept credit cards online, it might lose credibility. Also, the chances of a visitor to make a purchase will reduce. As a result, your online revenue will reduce.

What does it mean to be high risk?

Have you been denied a merchant account because someone deems you as high risk? Well, that should not be the end of the road. You can try out a different service provider. The good thing is that there are merchant account providers that offer high-risk accounts. Though, you must adhere to their reserves or terms for funding. Perhaps, you have no idea what makes you high risk.

If your business falls under these categories, then you are a high-risk merchant.

  1. Your company isn’t registered but with a local regulatory agency. Similarly, merchant agencies might have blacklisted it. This is possible because of bankruptcy or fraudulent activities.
  2. The business deals with high-risk operations such as pharmaceuticals, downloadable software and ticketing.
  3. The company has a huge amount of sale with a need for future delivery. Future deliveries are naturally risky. It means customers pay for the goods but receive them at a later date. If your company happens to close down or go bankrupt, then your cardholders would not receive their good as well as their payments.
  4. The business is incorporated in a country, while it’s owned by a business located in a different country.

How to benefit from a high-risk merchant account

Do you own an online business? Do you desire to increase your online presence while at the same time attract customer? If so, you probably should sign up for a high-risk merchant account. This will let you enjoy several benefits.

First, a high-risk account will help you redeem your financial position. So if you have faced financial challenges in the past, open this account. It is a great opportunity for your business to get back on the right track.

Soon your business will start making profits. On the same note, a high-risk account can benefit those businesses that pose some risks to their clients. For instance, lenders might view an online medication dispensary as high risk.

Therefore, for such a business to get a traditional merchant account would be impossible.

Well, with a high-risk merchant account, such a business can get the funds it requires. In addition, such a high-risk account has a streamlined, easy set-up process. This feature is really attractive to many businesses.

So, if you provide different services, you can take advantage of a high-risk account. You can get online and make an application. And within a day, your account will be approved.

As a result, your business will hit the ground instantly. When you get a high-risk account, you’ll be able to accept distinct kinds of payment. In doing so, you’ll be able to provide different payment choice to your clients. As a result, the customers will buy your products/services in the most convenient way possible.

A merchant account will protect your business against clients who might attempt to defraud it when they use invalid credit cards or bad cheques. Finally, a high-risk account will protect your business against chargebacks. It will secure you from fraudulent behaviours. However, the service provider might require you to open an account, set some reserve fund. In the case of chargebacks, they will be deducted from this account.

Charges with a high-risk merchant account

Every high-risk business that qualified to open a merchant account will pay higher fees than low-risk businesses. This is because the service provider takes the risk of approving a high-risk company.

As mentioned earlier, high-risk businesses have an uncertain credit history, future deliveries, and chargeback rates. The fee you’ll pay for setting up the account will be high. Additionally, the processing fees will be on the higher side.

The bottom line

As you have learned, you can still open a merchant account even if your business is classified as high-risk. Therefore, you can still process credit cards for your business.

Hence, you continue with your operations as normal. All you have to do is to submit your application from the best high-risk merchant service provider and get one for your business.