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High-Risk Merchant Account Provider

Whatever a business produces — branded t-shirts or software subscriptions — it needs a merchant account to process online payments. Nowadays, many payment service providers and banks offer
high-risk merchant solutions. Without them, high-risk businesses cannot process Visa / MasterCard credit and debit card payments.

High-risk payments: what’s wrong with them?

Though merchant application is easy, getting approved for a merchant account can prove to be a serious problem.
Luckily, high-risk processing always comes in handy for all those who get thrown overboard for no apparent reason.

High chargeback rates, large transaction volumes, and casual high-cost sales turn to be a real pain in the neck for high-risk e-commerce businesses. Since most of them work in highly regulated fields,
they run into problems when seeking reliable high-risk merchant solutions.

High-risk merchant solutions 101

Many merchants have no clue about specific traits that define high-risk payment processing. Let’s clear it up straight off the bat, determining what puts a ‘high-risk’ label on your business reputation.

Though criteria for evaluating
high-risk profile differ from one payment service provider to another, some factors are common for all parties.

  1. High fraud/chargeback rate. If your chargeback rate or level of fraud is a way too high, your business automatically falls under the high-risk category. This qualification depends solely on customer behaviuor patterns.
  2. Offshore business. If your business is registered in Cyprus, but you’re headquartered in Europe and work primarily with Canada, you may be also considered high-risk. The probability of fraud is a strong point here, but lax banking laws also matter, as they may put your business reputation at risk.
  3. High average purchase amount. Processing large B2B
    payment methods
    is no good for whatever business type. Just because high-cost credit card transactions are often associated with high-risk businesses.
  4. Services/products of doubtful legality. This factor is the most closely associated with high-risk processing. Businesses having any doubtful area of focus (e.g. selling nutra products or distributing adult services) are considered high-risk.
  5. Practices of questionable character. If your business is involved in any type of doubtful sales/marketing tactics, most financial institutions will consider it high-risk.
  6. Poor credit history. While the above factors all turn around your business, this one is different — it focuses on your personal credit record. If it is poor, you’re all likely to join the high-risk crew.

These are the most general criteria that may be used for evaluating your business reputation. Since the high-risk e-commerce landscape is changing and evolving all the time, it’s essential to keep up with the latest shifts in the law. Opting for a reliable high-risk merchant processing provider, you can leave such challenges behind.

With PaySpace, high-risk processing turns hassle-free

High-risk merchants know how difficult getting the right merchant account may be. Back in 2009, PaySpace carved its own place in high-risk payment processing. Since then, PaySpace has significantly expanded its opportunities, enabling global high-risk payments across various
high-risk business industries.

Almost 10 years on from its launch, PaySpace became an experienced high-risk payment provider offering a full suite of payment processing services. Today, we focus primarily on high-risk payment solutions, working with SaaS, online gambling, and dating businesses worldwide. Among our clients for which we provide high-risk payment processing include:

  • online gambling;
  • crypto merchants;
  • online dating;
  • adult businesses;
  • forex merchants;
  • tech support;
  • web hosting;
  • travel booking;
  • nutraceuticals;
  • SaaS.

Whenever your bank turns you away, let the leading high-risk payment provider help you out. PaySpace gives a hundred-percent guarantee that you’re never out of reach from getting the assistance right the moment you need it.

PaySpace payment provider: why us?

PaySpace believes that every online business has a set of specific needs, not depending on its industry, location, or size. That’s why we guide our clients through the entire merchant application journey, providing quality, one-on-one customer support.

Among the additional advantages of our high-risk merchant processing include:

  • Large acquiring network. Since we worked with a sheer number of both local and international acquiring partners, we can recommend the top choice for your particular industry.
  • PCI DSS compliance. Nowadays, the high-risk payments landscape is much different from what it looked like 10 years ago. That’s why we establish agreements with PCI DSS compliant banking partners only.
  • Multi-currency support. PaySpace has ready-made solutions for accepting the world’s most popular currencies while also processing local and commonly used credit card brands (e.g. Visa / MasterCard).
  • Fraud & chargeback management. Since fraud management is a key element of high-risk payment processing, PaySpace offers a full pack of leading-edge solutions to mitigate chargeback & fraud problems.
  • Customization on the go. We don’t provide our merchants with an all-in-one business package. Instead, we define a set of individual business requirements, speaking with each merchant in person and discussing solutions available for optimal rates.

On top of it all, PaySpace offers a fast, smooth, and pain-free application process. No matter your service, product, industry, platform or device, applying for a merchant account is a piece of cake, as it takes a few minutes of your time.

So what’s the hold up for using the quality high-risk processing solutions? At the moment, they are just one click away. Hit the contact button and apply now!

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