Mobile merchant accounts

Mobile merchant accountsWith a mobile merchant account, your business can accept card payments anywhere. There are a lot of businesses and a great number of situations when a mobile merchant account can be a perfect way to receive payments for goods and services. For example, if you need to sell anything far from city and get a payment for it. Electricity is not available there, so you can't use traditional POS-terminals. But if you possess a mobile phone merchant account through a merchant provider, you are able to accept credit/debit cards and electronic checks from your customers on-the-go, meaning that you don't need any special place. Using a secure and easy merchant account mobile, you are definitely going to expand your customer base. Especially in our modern world, not everyone likes to make cash payments, so if you provide your customers a possibility to pay you with a credit or debit card in any place, they will appreciate it, will order and buy more and return to you as grateful buyers.

If you own a business that sometimes needs to be done on-the-go, PaySpace can equip you with mobile payment processing functionality. Using mobile merchant accounts and a smartphone or tablet as a POS-terminal, merchants can receive solutions that will turn their businesses into the most mobile, effective and profitable.

If you decide to use mobile merchant solutions in your business, you can receive such advantages:

  • reducing the risk of losing customers that prefer not to use cash by offering them mobile payment processing services;
  • flexible payment options: commission just for the transactions you process with our mobile option, or a fee regarding to your business type;If you decide to use mobile merchant solutions in your business
  • handy plug-in card-readers that turn your smartphone or tablet into a safe mobile credit card terminal.

PaySpace specialists will help you to become a mobile merchant. You will get qualified help while selecting the best mobile merchant account facilities that will fit your needs. So, you will just focus on your business and get more profit.