Professional team

Professionalism is highly sought characteristic in a workplace setting. With positive professional values, the company is reflected well and valued above many others competing for that base market.

Professional teamOur team of experienced and well-prepared professionals is trained to solve a wide range of tasks necessary to achieve the goals efficiently and in short terms. Each of our clients receives the highest level of service regardless of the scope of business activities. Be sure that all your questions and requests will be answered.

Our professional and competent staff works in such operational departments, as:

  • Customer Support department which works on 24/7 basis to provide cardholders/merchants all necessary information and to answer their questions any timeSupport department
  • Technical department which supports and permanently improves our system by evaluating and implementing the latest technologies in our system
  • Sales department which is in charge of successful sales policy
  • Financial department with responsibility to carefully maintain financial operations of our companies