A high-converting sales page

A high-converting sales page or landing page is a page on your website that has only one purpose: to force potential customers to buy something. The main reason when creating a landing page is to make an offer visitors can’t refuse. If not, at least, to make people want your product. These could be order, callback request, or leaving contact data.

The main steps to create a sales-page are:

  • Create a unique sales proposition.

Try to formulate a proposition in such a way that the user cannot refuse the offer. The uniqueness of the offer, advantages, solution of problematic issues of a potential client. Based on these data, a unique trading offer is formed.

  • Advantages

A more detailed description of the benefits and features of your offer.
It is very important to find a balance in this question and try to not go deep into so deep that your high-converting sales page will seem to be oversaturated with text. Write a short summary of one paragraph and 3-5 key points that clarify the main aspects.

  • Buttons

The better CTA buttons – the better they attract customers to click them.

  • Create a high-quality headings

Create such headings, that motivate visitors to make a useful action, and this motivation should be based on the needs of a particular user.

People do not like to spend a lot of time searching for information. Therefore, it is better to present the information as briefly and clearly as possible to the user.