Acquirer/Acquiring Bank

An Acquiring Bank is a banking institution that organizes automated points for receiving plastic bank cards. But the functionality of such a bank includes not only the installation of terminals.

  1. Acquiring Bank processes requests for authorization of bank cards.
  2. Transferring payment means received from cardholders to the account of the organization.
  3. Maintaining paper and electronic document circulation with participants in transactions within the framework of the provided service (customers, legal entities, issuing banks, etc.).
  4. Fulfillment of other obligations undertaken upon connection to a particular payment system


For their services, bank acquirers receive a reward. On the other hand, a financial institution gets a percentage of each card payment. In some cases, combined tariffs are applied that contains a fixed component of payment and a certain percentage of the amounts transferred.

An acquirer bank is an authorized bank that organizes plastic card collection points. It also offers a full range of services, including servicing settlements, payments by bank cards at established terminals, ATMs. 

What payment systems does the acquirer bank work with? 

A payment processing center, settlement bank, issuing bank, and acquirer in the aggregate provide customers with the opportunity to make payments through bank cards. It comes following applicable standards, rules, and technological schemes that determine and regulate the procedure for servicing cards.