Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP)

Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) is the universal system of mutual exchanges that replaces individual schemes of agents and carrier cooperation. The system serves for effective collaboration of IATA parties with the help of consolidation information and financial flows. One of the main advantages of BSP is the possibility to operate with e-ticket normal.

Billing and Settlement Plan deals with the sale and settlement of passenger traffic. BSP emits own, neutral airline tickets forms and sends them to agents – members of BSP. An agent is able to sell airline tickets of any airline which is a member of a current BSP.

The principle of BSP work

An agent sells shipping using BSP ticket forms and affixing a 3-digit carrier code on behalf of which he issues a ticket. The agent reports to BSP four times a month, that is, it presents control coupons and coupons accepted for return. Then, in accordance with this transfers BSP money for the sold transportations, leaving itself a commission. BSP processes this data, groups it by agents and airlines and makes up two reports (for the agent and for the carrier), sends them and transfers the money.

The advantages for BSP agents

  • A single reporting center -BSP;
  • Unified reporting forms.
  • The ability to sell on flights of all BSP member airlines in a local country.
  • The absence of the necessity to set agreements with each airline.

The advantages for airlines

  1. Simplification of the system of monetary settlements.
  2. Hassle-free receipt of money.
  3. Obtaining the completed infrastructure of the bank, a unified agent network, which allows you to cover the entire market by attracting agents. These BSPs members represented on the entire territory of BSP to sell flights on their flights.