Card Present transaction (CP)

Card-Present transactions are those that are done with the physical presence of a cardholder and a bank card.

If a bank card has a chip, you can place it into the terminal. It other cases, a customer can swipe the card with its magnetic stripe on the reverse.

Ways to provide a card-present transaction:

  • Magnetic stripe.

Having a majority of cards with chip authorization, there are still a lot of cards that have only magnetic stripe authorization. The usage of any international cards without a chip is similar.  To process this type of transaction, you need to swipe a card in the terminal and follow further instructions. To process a transaction, a cardholder has to approve it with their signature. A fraudulent transaction or falsification of a signature can also happen. In this case, a client has the opportunity to dispute the payment.

  • Chip’n’signature transactions

For customers who have difficulties when using a PIN code, there are cards where a chip and a signature are used as authorization. To make a transaction, you must also insert a card into the terminal and follow the instructions. Also, the cardholder must log in. To do this, he introduces a signature that matches the one on the card.

  • Chip’n’PIN transactions

When working with a chip & PIN card, the user inserts the card into the terminal. Next, a 4-digit password is entered on the screen. When the card is authorized, the seller is protected from cases when customers claim that they did not participate in the transaction.