Card Verification Code / Card Verification Value (CVC, CVV)

Card Verification Code / Card Verification Value (CVC, CVV) is a digital code located on the back of the card that confirms the authenticity of the card. It is needed to ensure security when paying by card on the Internet.

CVC/CVV – bank card security code. It is consists of three digits (American Express cards have 4 digits). The code is used for further identification of the owner when making online transactions.
The CVC code is considered the personal information of the cardholder and the bank is not entitled to transfer information about customer card codes to third parties.
The identifier on the back of the card is considered additional protection since it is impossible to make an online payment without entering it. At the same time, this is a risk factor, as the code is located on the card. If the plastic card gets up into the hands of a fraudster, then all the essential information will be available to them. Therefore, to secure your funds, never give the card to the third parties.

How to find CVC code for a virtual card

This type of card usually consists of information without a physical representation. Such payment instruments are issued by many banks and other financial organizations. They are specifically designed for payments via the Internet.

The CVC code of the virtual card is sent after it is issued to the client via SMS. Or an email to your online bank account. If for some reason you have lost the code, you need to contact the bank to restore it.