Chargeback Reason Code

Chargeback reason code is an alphanumeric code that helps parties to identify what was the reason for the issue.

All parties involved in the payment providing process, are incentivized in reducing the number of chargebacks. That is why there are 2 to 4 digit designations that help to identify the problem quickly.

Worldwide chargeback reason codes by credit card brands

The variety of credit card brands conditioned upon many factors. Some agencies work in some specific regions, some with unique businesses. These impediments led to different brands have different chargeback reason codes.

Discover Chargeback Reason Codes

Discover company has alphabetic, numeric, and alphanumeric codes. The alphabetic ones are usually easy to understand. The code “CA,” for instance, stands for a cash advance that was not completed.

Of course, not all of them are so recognizable. However, all financial institutions are ready to dispute your chargebacks.

Mastercard Chargeback Reason codes

Since 2016, the Mastercard has been using contracted reason codes.

Until now, the code was a long chain of characters that were difficult to identify quickly. Currently, the view has been simplified and has four symbols.

Visa Chargeback Reason Codes

Visa company categorizes chargeback reason codes into the following categories:
non-receipt of information

  1. Fraud.
  2. Authorization Error.
  3. Processing error.
  4. Canceled or returned items.
  5. non-reception of goods or services.

Each group has its action protocols.

Amex Chargeback Reason Codes

There are four categories of chargeback reason codes used by American express. In this case, the code itself includes a letter designating a category and a 2-digit code.

  1. Authorization Issue (A).
  2. Processing Error (P).
  3. Cardmember Dispute (C).
  4. Fraud (F).