Conversion is the percentage of the number of users who have performed a useful action, expressed as a percentage, to the total number of site visitors over the same period. This is an indicator of the effectiveness and profitability of your resource.

The goals are expressed as follows:

  1. Ordering a good.
  2. Check-in.
  3. Email news seller subscription.
  4. Engagements.

How to increase conversion rate?

  1. Calculate the sales conversion not only for the entire department but also for each sales manager. Thanks to this, understanding will come who works better and who works the other way around. Read more about the motivation of sales staff at the link.
  2. To improve the work of sales managers, connect a CRM system in which customer information will be stored, and necessary information will be automated.
  3. In addition to employee performance data, sales conversion information helps highlight weaknesses in the business. To eliminate them, you have to test various tools. For example, offer customers promotions, bonus cards.
  4. It is also essential to know the specifics of the business, for example, the seasonality of demand. 
  5. Try to tell customers about the value of your product or service through the launch of display advertising, in which all the opportunities will be presented. 
  6. If you have a website or an online store, then work out a presentation of a product or service. Post reviews on product pages and invite customers to share their opinions. For incentives, try offering discounts or gifts for feedback.