In-app Payment

What is the in-app payment?

The in-app payment is the way for a customer to purchase a service/product through the mobile application. Such apps usually require a user to link a credit card. Once the user adds and validates a credit card, he/she can pay inside an app within a click.
In-app payments pros and cons

Examples of in-app payments:

  • Someone purchases gifts for Christmas via AliExpress/Amazon app;
  • A person reads books at Amazon app and buys a subscription inside an Amazon app;
  • A consumer orders pizza and sushi delivery and pays for it inside an app;

What are the pros and cons of in-app payments?

The main pros of in-app payments are:

  1. No redirections.
  2. Native design of a payment page.
  3. Mobile payments are now gaining momentum

Merchants often face the following cons of in-app payments:

  1. Obtaining certifications is not simple.
  2. Implementing in-app payments is hard.
  3. It won’t bring in revenue right away.
  4. In-app payments require additional customer support.
  5. In-app payments might repel customers.

In-app payments pros and cons infographics