Merchant Management System

The merchant management system (abbreviated as MMS) is a web-based solution that helps the merchants track transactions’ data in real-time. The merchants receive the information about the payment gateway-generated transactions. Moreover, the sellers can be sure that all the information is totally safe with the MMS. Besides this, merchants, as well as payment processors, can access the MMS for transactions’ history and receipts.

Usually, the merchant management systems offer extensive customization in terms of parameters. So, the merchant builds the reports using parameters he/she needs. For instance, the merchant can set a transaction date, a number of declines, and so on.

The merchant management system can have the following features:

  • An opportunity to build reports on the historical data,
  • A user-friendly management environment,
  • Different security tools to enable authorization checks for suspicious transactions,
  • An enhanced failed transactions reporting,
  • An ability to refund clients,
  • Online reports creation and an opportunity to download them in .cvs or .xls.

A well-developed MMS gives a variety of benefits for merchants. Thanks to the real-time analytics it offers merchants can always be in the know of customers’ behavior. That, accordingly, helps to detect and prevent any suspicious activity. The historical perspective can give merchants a clear picture of their progress and what customers’ customs and demands are.