Merchant Risk Support (MRS)

Risk management is based on a targeted search and organization of work to reduce risk. It is a complex of methods of generating and increasing income (gain, profit) in online payments and other areas.

The ultimate goal of risk management is to get the most profit with an optimal, acceptable ratio of profit and risk.

Risk management is a system of risk management and economical, or rather, financial relations arising in the process of this management.

Merchant risk support in online payments

When selling goods or services online, one may face situations when the transaction doesn’t process.

The reasons may vary:

  • Not enough funds.
  • The credit card has expired.
  • The payment gateway declined a transaction.

Also, there are a lot of situations when money was withdrawn, but a customer didn’t receive a good/service.

The main task of merchant risk support is the timely identification and prevention of possible adverse events. In particular, risk managers handle and challenge chargebacks.