Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is a computer program that allows you to store electronic money, as well as pay for purchases and services on the Internet and even withdraws money to a bank account or a plastic card or receive cash. Transfers are made instantly; many systems allow you to pay and make transfers in different currencies.

The area of mobile wallet usage:

  • To protect a bank card. In order not to enter your card details on various Internet resources, you can replenish your wallet and transmit all transactions with it.
  • The convenience of payment via the Internet. To use a mobile wallet, enter its number. 
  • For available work in a global network. The remuneration via mobile wallet is the best solution for freelancers. It is much more convenient for customers to transmit money into a purse than to make a bank transfer.
  • For fast transactions. Transactions with electronic money are provided in minutes, in contrast to bank transfers.

The advantages of using a mobile wallet:

  1. Ease of registration and use
  2. Free service
  3. Unlimited period of use
  4. Ample opportunities
  5. Speed

The disadvantages of using a mobile wallet:

  1. Lack of prevalence.
  2. Mandatory Internet access.
  3. Profile recovery difficulties.
  4. The difficulties of withdrawing funds.