NFC Sticker

NFC sticker is a special tag that stores and transmits information. In the modern world, tags are rather widespread. We can notice them at stores. financial institutions, public transport, etc.

NFC sticker is a passive device. That means it can work in standalone mode. It doesn’t need its own power supply. How does it work then? The NFC tag depends on an active device that enters the range and enables the tag’s work. Simply put, the tag gets the power from the active equipment that reads it. The main goal of the NFC sticker is to transfer the data to the active device (e.g. smartphone). The way the data flows between active and passive devices is encoding. One can encode various information into the NFC tag. So, almost any NFC-enabled device can read information from the NFC sticker.

What are the NFC sticker types?

There exist four NFC tag types. Type 1 and Type 2 allow multiple recordings. That means it’s possible to record and erase data from the tag. On the other hand, Type 3 and Type 4 allow one-time recordings only. Accordingly, Type 4 has the biggest storage – 32 kB. It might be difficult to understand how much data the tag can keep. So, imagine that one tag can fit a 40-word sentence, while another one – up to 130 words. Accordingly, the tag price will depend on its type (that equals the tag’s capacity).