Payment Pages

The payment page is a web page where the customer enters his credit card details to accomplish the purchase. HPP and API are the two types of payment pages integration. The API is when a customer pays on the merchant’s website. The HPP is when a customer is redirected to another link to accomplish the payment. At Payspacelv, we offer both types of payment page integration. 

Three steps to the successful payment page

  • Install a payment form on your website. Third-party websites raise a concern and increase the chances of cart abandonment. 
  • Build an SSL certificate into your website. This way, information that passes back and forth will be encrypted. 
  • Provide PCI DSS Certificate. You do not have to do this on your own. All the reliable PSPs offer such security standards. Make sure that the payment provider of your choice holds one.

Payspacelv offers a wide range of online payment tools, both global and local, and supports more than 250 online payment methods. With a single technical connection, you can accept most of them through your international Payment Pages. The payment page is the point where customers decide you’re trustworthy. By taking complete control over the payment page, you increase your chances of success.