PIN pad is an electronic device used at the POS Terminal to allow cardholders to enter personal identification numbers (PIN codes). PIN pad is used in debit, credit, or smart card-based transactions. The PIN pad is needed so that the consumer card can be accessed, and the PIN can be securely printed down and encrypted. It looks like a small keypad. Once the customer pays with his credit/debit/smart card, he uses the PIN pad to enter his unique PIN code. That is how the typical PIN pad looks like:
PIN pad приветствие

Let’s take a look at some examples of PIN pad usage:

  • You buy macchiato at Starbucks and use the PIN pad to enter the PIN to accomplish a credit card payment.
  • Before Kathy started using PayPass for payments, she always used to enter her PIN at a PIN pad.
  • The owners of the Italian boutique bought a PIN pad to allow customers paying with credit and debit cards.