Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is a part of the web-store software that lets online buyers add and store the product(s) before the purchase. Basically, the shopper can create a list of goods and keep it for instant purchasing or for future use.

There are 3 common types of shopping cart software:

  • Open-source. In most cases, this software is free. Its benefit is that it is highly customizable.
  • Licensed. Usually, the one-time fee applies to this software type. The merchant is free to use the software on any compatible server.
  • Hosted. The hosted service provider this software type to merchants. Commonly, the store owner makes monthly or yearly payments to use the software.

As long as the shopping bag is an intermediary between the shopping itself and the purchase, it’s vital to have reliable software. Moreover, whatever software type the merchant chooses, it’s important to remember some information.

  • Make sure the shopping cart page designs correlates with the overall website design.
  • Don’t use too bright or too dark colors (whatever with “too” isn’t good).
  • Make sure to keep all on-page descriptions clear.
  • Don’t try to hide any costs. Clear show the product(s) price, any additional fees (e.g. VAT), shipping cost, etc.
  • Make sure to make the “Proceed”/”Buy now”/”Order”/etc. button visible.
  • Additionally, you can provide a field for a discount code on the shopping cart page.