User Profile

A user profile (or simply UP) is a definition of a digital set of information about a card owner. This client’s data eases the work of both the bank (or NBFI) and the cardholder.

That is to say, the UP is a dedicated page where the customers store the data about their payment card(s). The bank or a payment processor protects this sensitive information. The protection means go along with the high-security standards. The user profile allows the client to monitor all the transfers and what they buy online avoiding a threat of data or money being stolen. The process of the funds’ management is rather distinct.

So, the profile. commonly, consists of the following parts name, user’s email, his/her phone number, and card data. Thanks to the UP, clients can pay with a one-click action. Moreover, this operation will be totally safe. The cardholder owns full control over the payment card. He/she can do it by accessing the UP and conducting different transactions. The card owner  only has to login to the profile by filling in the name and a password.

With PaySpacelv, customers can store personalized credit and debit card information securely in their online user pages, allowing one-click payments for returning customers with no risk or stolen data from the merchant’s collection or storage practices.

For example:

One cannot enter the user profile without a correct password.