Verified by Visa Inc.

Verified by Visa (3D-secure) – a secure user authorization protocol for CNP operations (when a card is not present). It is an additional level of security – another step in authenticating a user who pays for goods or services online. At the time of purchase, to confirm the online payment, the cardholder enters a unique code (as a rule, he receives it in a message to the attached phone number).
If an online retailer supports the technology, its website has the Verified by Visa and MasterCard® SecureCode ™ logos.

Verified by Visa does not guarantee absolute financial security: there is a risk that some malware can steal a one-time code.

Advantages and disadvantages of verified by Visa

Such two-factor authorization is designed to increase the protection of client funds but has both positive and negative sides.

Additional protection is always a good way to protect yourself. When one loses a card, it is almost impossible to withdraw money from an account. Even if in the hands of the attacker there are both that and another – you will also need to crack the protection of the smartphone.

3-D Secure reduces customer agility. SMS with a password does not arrive as fast as we would like. Besides, a client can completely lose the message.