Virtual Card

Virtual card – a card developed to make transactions and other financial operations via the Internet. With POS or ATM terminals, it is impossible to use.
For a virtual card, you don’t need a PIN code. To provide online transactions, you need the following parameters: card number, its validity period, and a three-digit code for card authentication. For the MasterCard Worldwide payment system, it is CVC2 code, for Visa International – CVV2.

The use of such cards when making payments on the Internet increases the level of security of transactions since the virtual card allows you not to reveal the details of the main card.


The main advantage that a virtual payment card has is the safety of cashless payments on the World Wide Web. The fact is that it can be made for a specific transaction, and therefore, even if fraudsters receive her data, they will not be able to use it.

If the client wants to deposit a more significant amount on the account than they need at the moment, in many banks, there is an opportunity to set a specific limit. This limit precludes overspending funds. Some credit institutions additionally set a maximum monthly limit on their own.

Some financial institutions issue virtual cards physically.