White Label Payment Gateway

A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway that allows a company to offer payment processing services under its name. Simply put, in the white label payment gateway solution, the company uses its own”label” on top of the white label or blank label. 

Thanks to white-label payment gateway solutions, companies can boost their reputation in the eyes of their clients — for example, card members and merchants. Once using a white-label payment gateway, companies get permission to use their brand name on the product or service which has been delivered by a third-party. It gives a wide range of opportunities to a merchant. At least, it allows providing a product or service without wasting time on developing it from scratch.

A white-label payment gateway provides merchants with the following benefits:

  • Use a branded payment gateway;
  • Get professional training, software and product innovation and other updates;
  • Get control over various aspects of a product, including sales and marketing;

Using a white-label payment gateway service is more affordable and less time-consuming than other options. Once someone decides to build a payment gateway, he needs to spend both money and time. Then, it usually takes years to implement. With white-label services, on the contrary, a merchant needs to buy a license, integrate a payment gateway, and that’s it.

A white-label payment gateway solution is a perfect fit for:

  • Online casinos;
  • Gaming platforms;
  • eCommerce software;
  • Payment system providers.