Adult Merchant Account

Adult Merchant Account

А you have an adult business, it may be quite challenging to find a reliable credit card processing provider who will not ask to pay extremely high fees and will not make you go through long and difficult procedures. Moreover, many banks and financial institutions will simply reject your application for a range of reasons. So, what do you do? If you want to find out how this problem can be solved, read the information below.

Why An Adult Business Is Considered To Be High-Risk?

The following are some of the reasons why adult businesses are labeled high risk:

  • Providing subscription-based services;
  • Processing a large volume of transactions;
  • Requiring clients to pay per minute;
  • Being a startup;
  • The regulations and restrictions associated with the adult industry.

The situation also gets more complicated if you have a low credit score, a history of many chargebacks, etc. Even if you manage to find a domestic financial institution that agrees to open a merchant account for you, you will likely have to play very high fees. At the same time, you will have to wait for a long time and go through a hassle process in order to complete the required procedures. This is usually related to all services and products labeled “adult,” including the following:

  • Online dating;
  • Adult toys;
  • Streaming videos;
  • Gentlemen’s clubs;
  • Escorts and others.

Is It Possible to Open a Merchant Account for Your Adult business?

Even if traditional solutions are not available or suitable for you, it is still possible to provide your customers with an option to make credit/debit cards payments for your products/services. PaySpace is the right destination for you if you wish to ensure that all payment processes will run smoothly and quickly. You and your customers will enjoy the high level of comfort thanks to the innovative features and intelligent technologies that we offer.

We have years of experience in assisting high-risk businesses in everything they need to make/accept payments globally by a range of payment systems, including debit and credit cards. How is it possible to do? We offer you to take advantage of the legislation and regulations of offshore zones that are less strict, which allows businesses to get more opportunities to grow. Moreover, you can also benefit from lower tax rates. You may think that it will cost you more than applying for services with a domestic bank, but it is only so if you compare the prices. You should keep in mind that everything related to opening an offshore merchant account will take you less time and less effort, and you can save money on paying high taxes.

Can You Become Our Client?

We welcome different types of businesses, including those considered to be high-risk. If you need to open a merchant account for your startup adult business, we will be able to do it for you. Many business owners worry that their low score will become a reason to reject their applications, but this is not a problem for us.

How Can I Open An Adult Merchant Account?

You just need to contact our customer support representatives by one of the contact means that you will find on our website in the “Contact Info” section. We will ask you to provide only information necessary to know some important details about your business, such as its size, what integration options should be chosen, what price should be set for you, how long it will take to start using our services, etc.

How Much Will It Cost to Open an Adult Merchant Account?

We have flexible prices starting at just 1.2%. We determine exact prices for businesses based on different factors, including the business size, integration technologies, features, etc. We will be able to provide you with more detailed information after you contact our customer support representatives and provide us with some information about your business.

Why Choose Us?

Not only will you be able to open a merchant account, but also enjoy the range of great services and features, including the following:

  • Intelligent recurring billing that ensures quick transactions thanks to retry attempts;
  • Effective fraud and chargeback prevention solution will provide you with advanced reporting and notifications;
  • Payment page customization contributes to the high level of comfort of your clients;
  • Lots of alternative payment methods, which allows your customers to choose the best payment system, including the following JCB, Klarna, Ideal, POLi, QIWI, and others;
  • Multiple currencies, which allows your customers to pay in the currency of their country;
  • One-click payments are very convenient for people who appreciate their time;
  • Mobile payments allow taking advantage of making payments on the go at any convenient time;
  • Various CRM systems allow you to choose the most comfortable option, such as Limelight and Konnective;
  • Direct MIDs, as well as the Unique Billing Descriptor, allow you to get detailed reports on all the transactions.

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