Casino Merchant Account

Casino Merchant Account

The online gaming industry is expanding day by day, fact. Nevertheless, there are still many difficulties that online and offline casinos encounter – from legal restrictions to problems with getting payments. One of the things that you can do to ensure the non-problematic operation is to set up a merchant account for your casino at favorable conditions. PaySpacelv is able to find the best possible solution for you thanks to many years of experience, lots of innovative features, cooperation with reputable partners based worldwide, and more. Below you will find more information about us and this type of account. For more information, we encourage you to contact us for further discussion.

Initial information about a casino merchant account

Getting a casino merchant account will allow you to enjoy various benefits, but registering one may be problematic because such businesses are considered to be high-risk by many domestic financial institutions. Some of the reasons for that are chargebacks and high volume sales. In the US, your application will be likely rejected by most banks, and while in the UK it may be a little bit easier, you will still have to provide at least a 2-year history and a large number of deposits. Registering your merchant account in offshore zones is the best way for you to go. More about the benefits of setting up an offshore gaming account you can find below.

Important things to keep in mind

If you are thinking about launching a casino, you should think through your target audience. You will be able to operate based on your license, which may restrict a range of countries. Why is it important? Because when looking for a provider, you need to ensure that you will have all the features and opportunities that you need. Particularly, you should have a clear idea about the following:

  • What payment solutions do you want to offer?
  • Which payment gateway is it better to choose?
  • In what countries do you intend to operate?
  • Payments in what currencies are you willing to accept?
  • Would you like to be protected from chargebacks and fraudulent attempts?
  • What sales volumes do you plan to have per month?
  • What integration options you need to pick?

Benefits of offshore banking for online casinos

Offshore banking has plenty of benefits, particularly, for those who want to establish a casino, including the following:

  • Quick, easy, and hassle-free registration because offshore banks are less demanding than domestic financial institutions;
  • Availability for different businesses, including those with a low credit score, bad payment processing history, etc. because offshore legislation is less strict than that in the US;
  • More opportunities because you will be able to get paid by customers from different countries in currencies of their choice;
  • Taxes benefits because you will either have to pay low taxes or no taxes;
  • No volume caps which allows you not to worry about the number of transactions and the volume of payments.

Why you need assistance

You can try to get your merchant account yourself by going from one financial institution to another, but this may be time-consuming, and — which is the worse thing — it may be ineffective. Even if you manage to become a lucky owner of a merchant account, you will still have to think about lots of other things, such as finding a payment gateway provider, ensuring protection from chargebacks, etc. This will also take you a lot of time and can be exhausting. PaySpacelv has everything you need, and we are ready to provide you with any assistance you want. Moreover, we will provide you with the right recommendations so that you could enjoy the best possible conditions and services.

Reasons to choose PaySpacelv

PaySpacelv is a single destination that you need for everything to start getting payments from players. We allow for setting up a merchant account within the shortest period of time in the most favorable conditions.

You will be able to pick from different integration options and forget your worries about security. Also, we know how to protect you from fraudulent attempts and chargebacks, which will ensure that you will be able to operate for a long time without experiencing any problems with your acquiring bank.

Of course, you will be able to operate only according to your license that you get for your business activity. Nevertheless, we will ensure the smooth payment processes from countries and in currencies of your choice.

With us, you will be able to get PCI DSS certification and choose between 3D and non-3D security. Also, we offer recurring billing, so that you and your loyal customers could enjoy more convenience.

How to apply for our services?

We have many solutions available for different businesses, but to choose the optimal option for you, we need to know your situation. Let’s discuss your circumstances, our services, and your benefits as well as our conditions only if you contact us. We tried to make it easy for you to find us, and that is why we have several contact methods to choose from, such as telephone number, email address as well as an online contact form. There is also a merchant form available on our site, which has been specially designed and launched for those who are interested in getting a merchant account.

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