MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard SecureCode is a technology for providing additional protection when making transactions with bank cards. A payment card must support Mastercard transactions.

If the bank that issued the card supports MasterCard SecureCode technology, then in addition to the plastic card number and CVC2 code, a one-time code will be requested. Bank sends this password to a cardholder’s phone.

It helps to identify a client and eliminate possible fraudsters’ activities.

Even if a scammer finds out the card number and the CVC2 code of the cardholder, he will not be able to pay online with these data. They will not be able to receive a verification code that is unique for each operation in order to make a transaction.

Thus, the Mastercard SecureCode logo means that the website supports Secure Code technology. If your bank supports this technology, the purchasing of tickets will be subject to additional verification.

If the Mastercard Secure Code service is not activated, please contact the bank that has issued your plastic card.

Under all circumstances, do not provide your one-time password to third parties. Bank employees don’t need this information and will never ask for it.
The request, ones may sometimes receive, is always come from scammers.