Mobile Card Reader

A mobile card reader or mobile card cashier is a special device that can accept payments via credit/debit cards. Such devices are being installed on smartphones and turn them into POS terminals.

Mobile card readers ensure such functions as:

  1. Contactless payments.
  2. Payments through chips.
  3. Payments through swiping a card.

Such devices operate with a mobile application that provides common features including ta calculation, receipts, etc.

Frequently, the developers offer these devices for free or for a small fee.

Mobile card readers are ideal for payment with payment cards when delivering goods and services to your house, when paying for transport services – taxi, transportation of goods and so on.

The best way to install a mobile terminal is to contact a bank and conclude a merchant acquiring agreement. The merchant can also independently purchase a POS terminal from the supplier’s company. But in this case, it will be limited in the choice of a service acquiring bank. The equipment, before use, must be certified by the acquirer bank in conjunction with the processing center in international payment systems. Licensing such an instrument yourself is a difficult task.